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Traveling Torahs

  Two of Cedar Sinai Park’s Torahs have been shepherded to Florida and are now being repaired by Rabbi Menachem Bialo and other members of the organization Sofer On Site International. Rabbi Bialo, an excellent teacher, gave Cedar Sinai Park community members and Rose Schnitzer Manor residents a Virtual Tour of where he works. The…


Painter shares the power of art

Above: Jeanine Semon in her studio at Rose Schnitzer Manor. All of her paintings begin with intuitive, spontaneous drawing. At left, Jeanine Semon’s favorite painting is the King’s Coat, which she says goes back into the period when she made large unstretched canvases, loosely dropping paint on canvas, spraying water on the colors, adding layers…


Cedar Sinai Park celebrates all things new

PHOTO: Rose Schnitzer Manor residents and friends toast the 20th anniversary celebration of Cedar Sinai Park’s assisted living complex last month. During the “Homecoming” celebration in May, visitors will be able to explore the refurbished RSM, as well as the recently completed Harold Schnitzer Center for Living and renovated Robison Health & Rehabilitation Center.  …