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Pack donations for refugee kids Sept. 8

PHOTOS: Above, Children received backpacks full of donations from Portland in the Tijuana shelters (some had to cover their faces for safety reasons). At left, Jon Cohen helps drivers Emily Wanderer Cohen and Lisa Tutmark pack a car with filled backpacks that were delivered to the Little Mercies social workers. Courtesy of Sallie Cohen Positive…


Character Day 2019 Launches A Global Technology Shabbat Movement

Global phenomenon that engages millions turns the focus to the power of unplugging weekly Character Day, the global phenomenon that brings together millions of individuals and groups in schools, congregations, homes, and  companies to engage in character development, this year tackles one of the most universal, urgent questions: how do we create a healthier relationship between humanity and…


Grant proposals due Sept. 3

PHOTO: Lois Schnitzer and many of her daughters joined OJCF for its 2019 Annual Meeting and Legacy Celebration. Pictured from left: Gayle Romain, Rita Philip, Lois Schnitzer, Jill Edelson and Mardi Spitzer. Photo by Victor Paru The Leonard and Lois Schnitzer Charitable Supporting Foundation of OJCF Is Now Accepting Applications The Oregon Jewish Community Foundation…


Reflecting on hatred as Av approaches

PHOTO: Rabbi Susan Silverman, center, with Women of the Wall in Jerusalem. Av begins Aug. 2, 2019. Photo by Hila Shiloni By Rabbi Susan Silverman As Av approaches, and with it the Nine Days, we are drawn to the Kotel — in our souls, with our bodies or, for some,  both. We recall destruction that…

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