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Rich Brownstein: Using art to teach critical thinking

  By Edward Sylvan, CEO and Founder of Sycamore Entertainment Group After a career in Hollywood, Rich Brownstein has become the leading international expert concerning the history and use of Holocaust films. He is a lecturer for Yad Vashem’s International School for Holocaust Studies in Jerusalem, Israel. Brownstein is the author of Holocaust Cinema Complete: A…


Return on Investment

  By Sean Bartlett “For every dollar Oregon invests in afterschool programs, $4.60 is returned to our state through reduced drug and alcohol addiction, increased graduation rates, reduced crime rates, and lower healthcare costs due to increased physical activity.” Afterschool in Oregon Return on Investment Study – March 2021. Since March 2020, we have been…


Why Our Connection Can Stop the Fires

  Dr. Michael Laitman When the world is consumed by fire, inundated in floods, and crippled by a global plague, only one remedy can really help: union. Only our solidarity, our sense of mutual responsibility, can lift us above the impairments that nature has imposed on us. We may think that we must tackle each…