Checking in with Amos Meron

  Amos Meron is a name that many in the community will remember with fond memories.  Amos was a Shaliach (emissary from Israel) who in 2011, was brought to Portland to work with the community at large and specifically college-age and young adults.  He did a great job of educating people about Israel and was…


Barry Menashe offered Portland $5M for cleanup. Now the offer’s ‘off the table.’

  Portland City Hall, photographed on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020. Photo by Jonathan Bach/Portland Business Journal By Jonathan Bach  –  Staff Reporter, Portland Business Journal A dustup between the mayor’s office and a prominent developer over $5 million shows ongoing tensions over the state of the city. On May 5, Menashe Properties founder Barry Menashe…


Chai-Light Talks: 18 minutes of Inspiration

  Photo: Rabbi Moshe Wilhelm is the executive director of Chabad of Oregon. Three renowned and inspiring international speakers will talk on Zoom about Life After COVID, the initial offering of the inspirational series “Chai-LightTalks,” developed by Rabbi Moshe Wilhelm, executive director of Chabad of Oregon in Portland. Each 18-minute talk will bring meaningful inspiration…


STEELPORT is forging a new path in cutlery

  Photo: Eytan Zias, co-founder and bladesmith for STEELPORT Knife Co.; the STEELPORT 8-inch chef knife. PHOTO COURTESY AUBRIE LEGAULT   STEELPORT Knife Co. is a new cutlery brand handcrafted in Portland with aspirations of becoming America’s kitchen knife company. Everything that goes into the product – from the raw steel to the wooden handle…


Spirituality on silk

  Diane Fredgant was attending a drumming circle at an artist’s studio in Albuquerque, NM, more than 25 years ago when she admired the woman’s painted silk artwork and asked her to create a wall hanging for her. When the artist told her that she thought she could make her own wall hanging, Diane laughed….


Moments to remember

  We invited a few seniors in Portland to answer the following question: What moment in your history do you most vividly remember? Their responses all reflect thoughtful recollections of memorable life experiences. RUTH SALTZMAN Although I was a child during WWII, my memories of that time are still very vivid. I honestly don’t remember…

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