TWO of the 203 hostages have been released!

Cindy Saltzman

AMAZING NEWS: 2 of the 203 hostages have been released. They are American’s Natalie and Judith Raanan, from Evanston, Illinois.

They were visiting family for their grandmother’s 85th birthday. They are being transferred through Egypt and will be flying into USA soon. A source told US media that the two are being released on “humanitarian grounds” because the mother is in poor health.

The release of the two is the result of negotiations between Qatar and Hamas which started after Hamas abducted around 200 people from Israel during its October 7 attack.

The Hostage and Missing Families Forum welcomed the return of the two hostages, saying, “Continuing the holding of the hostages is a war crime. Hundreds of families are expecting assistance from the leaders of Arab countries after the actions of Hamas shocked the entire world.”

Source JBN
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