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In the past week, the Anti-Defamation League has received multiple reports of video teleconferencing meetings, including religious services, remote learning, and gym classes, being infiltrated by individuals posting antisemitic images, anti-LGBTQ messages, pornography, and threatening messages. We have identified a known white supremacist as being responsible for at least one of these attacks. This new way of disseminating hate, commonly referred to as “Zoombombing,” represents a trend ADL is seeing emerge nationwide.

As the Passover and Easter holidays approach and communities host virtual services, I urge you and your community members to take added precautions when hosting teleconference meetings. ADL’s tips on how to prevent Zoombombing are available here.

Keeping communities safe from hate, whether online or in person, remains a top priority. Our community stands united in prioritizing vigilance while staying safe, healthy and refusing to be intimidated.

Like many of you, ADL is currently working from home; but, nevertheless, still available to assist the community. As a reminder, any incidents that may occur can be reported to us online via our incident report form.

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1. Print out the image.


2. Cut out the image and apply to your favorite liquor bottle.


3. Take a photo with your bottle.


4. Share your photo on Facebook @OJLife or Instagram @JewishLifeNow



Recipe courtesy Becki Saltzman

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The best-known quote from the Pesach Haggadah is, “why is this night different from all other nights?” This year, this quote takes on a whole new meaning. With the pandemic of COVID-19 running rampant, large gregarious family seders will be replaced with small intimate gatherings consisting of those who reside under the same roof.

We have come up with a “Passover Survival Guide” to help you navigate this unusual time of virtual seders and take-out Passover meals.

Our people have been adapting to changing circumstances for more than 5,000 years – you’ve got this, and we’re here to help.

How to Host a Virtual Passover Seder
Alma offers a comprehensive guide for hosting a collaborative, meaningful seder — even when the guests are physically far away.

How to Host a Virtual Seder During a Pandemic
Jewish Boston shares ten tips for creating a meaningful and fun online seder experience.

Senior Orthodox rabbis allow Zoom for Passover Seder due to coronavirus.
Orthodox practice prohibits use of electricity on Shabbat, but rabbis ruled it was important for families to connect to grandparents for the Passover Seder according to this article from The Jerusalem Post.

The Art of Virtual Gathering: Passover 2020
Check out Haggadot.com’s  Zoom conversation on hosting your own virtual seder. For more information, join their Seder Planners Group on Facebook.

This night is different from all other nights.
SEDER2020 Powered by OneTable wants to help you organize a meaningful and creative Passover experience this year, so they’ve put all the pieces in one place: logistics, video conferencing, a Haggadah that guests can download and print at home, and more.

Choose a video conferencing platform for your group to connect in real-time during your seder:


Best for: Group gatherings where everyone gets their own screen and collectively look like the Brady Bunch or Hollywood Squares on the screen. Zoom also has a chat function.
Is it free? With a free account you are limited to only 40 minutes in your Zoom room. A workaround to this is signing out and signing back in to get another 40 minutes.
For only $15 a month, you can upgrade to a paid account that allows you to have up to 100 participants with no time limit.
Do you need to login? Only one person needs a login (the host). The host can then send the link to the guests. When you create your seder, you’ll notice we have a section to include your video URL Link to make sharing that link even easier.
Extras: Zoom video tutorials

Google Meet

Best for: Group gatherings where everyone already has a Gmail account.
Is it free? Yes!
Do you need to login? Yes, everyone needs to already have a Gmail account in order to participate in a Google Hangout. Works best in Chrome. Provide a link to guests and they can join the meeting.
Extras: Google Hangout Tutorial


Best for: People who have an iPhone, iPad, or Apple computer/laptop. We recommend using a laptop or iPad so that you don’t have to hold up your phone throughout the entire Seder and the screen will be big enough to see multiple people.
Is it free? Yes, if you have an Apple product it’s included in the operating system.
Do you need to login? No, but you do need to have an iPhone, iPad, or Apple laptop. While FaceTime can accommodate up to 32, it is very hard to see everyone on an iPhone if you have more than four people.  One person calls each participant and adds them to the feed.
Extras: To learn more about how to use FaceTime, read more here.


Best for: Group gatherings where everyone has their own screen. You can have up to 100 participants and there is no time limit on your meeting.
Is it free? Yes and you can set up an account here. 
Do you need to login? Only one person needs a login (the host). The host can then send the link to the guests. When you create your Seder, you’ll notice we have a section to include your video URL Link to make sharing that link even easier.

Make your own Haggadah
Making your own Haggadah with Haggodot.com is easy! They are the largest online resource for the Passover Haggadah with thousands of options for blessings, artwork, translations, songs, activities and more. Mix and match, download and print at home.

Social Justice Seders
This year, put social justice on your seder table with the American Jewish World Service Haggadah to spark meaningful conversations.

Download the HIAS Haggadah to include a deeper exploration of the global refugee crisis in your seder this year.

8 Great Haggadot if You Have Young Children at Your Seder
ReformJudaism.org has rounded up various family Haggadot (plural of Haggadah) recommended by the Early Childhood Educators of Reform Judaism and the Families with Young Children staff of the Union for Reform Judaism.

Beetroot Market & Deli
1639 NW Glisan St., Portland
Offering a la carte options and a limited number of catered Passover meals. Taking orders until Friday, April 3 or until sold out. Pick up is on Wednesday, April 8.

Elephants Delicatessen
115 NW 22nd Ave., Portland
Order for pickup Wednesday, April 8 through Thursday, April 9. Orders must be placed by 2 pm the day prior to pickup.
Free delivery for orders over $50. Wednesday, April 8 through Thursday, April 9. Orders must be placed by 2 pm the day prior to delivery.




Passover Preparation
OU Kosher is offering daily videos to help you prepare for Pesach during these turbulent times. They also have a Passover Toolkit and a Passover Guide.

CCAR Press Passover Resources
The Central Conference of American Rabbis has a list of CCAR Press resources, including ebooks and free flipbooks, to help you celebrate virtually.

Everything You Need to Celebrate Passover During Coronavirus
How are we to prepare with minimal ingredients and limited access to communal resources? How to celebrate the seder alone? How will we celebrate the Festival of Freedom with our movement restricted? Find answers to all this and more at Chabad.org.

Passover Made Easy
PJ Library has created a Passover Hub to find everything you need to know, including a cheat-sheet companion to their own PJ Library Family Haggadah (which you can download for free).

Passover Essentials
The National Jewish Outreach Program has created a Passover Seder Cheat Sheet, videos and 15 short, entertaining webisodes that take you through the essential elements of the Passover Seder.

Virtual Passover Resources
18 Doors (formerly Interfaith Family) has resources on virtual seders, digital Haggadahs, cookbooks, recipes, webinars and more.

Passover 101
My Jewish Learning has recipes, checklists, guides and articles on Passover and seders.

Mala Blomquist <![CDATA[Celebrity Passover Recipes]]> https://orjewishlife.com/?p=20585 2020-04-02T18:01:04Z 2020-03-31T17:57:57Z



Jamie Geller’s Quinoa Mushroom Risotto

You can make risotto with all kinds of grains, why not quinoa? It isn’t quite and creamy as traditional risotto but the quinoa gives a nice nutty flavor you will love. This risotto is made easy with an oven risotto method, no stirring! RECIPE






Bon Appétit’s Smoked Fish Fritters with BeetVinaigrette

Smoked and fresh fish join forces in this much-appreciated update to the often-maligned gefilte fish. To get the job done faster, use two skillets. RECIPE






Michael Solomonov’s Radish and Zucchini Salad with Mint and Nigella Seeds

The Israeli chef, restaurateur and best-selling cookbook author shares this recipe for an easy, refreshing salad that takes only a few minutes to prepare. RECIPE







Andrew Zimmern’s Passover Lamb with Pickled Cherries

A simple roast leg of lamb gets dressed with a tangy, bright side of pickled cherries. RECIPE





Martha Stewart’s Haroset-Braised Short Ribs

You can braise these short ribs up to five days in advance. Cook the apples and carrots in the spiced Manischewitz braising liquid just before serving, then finish with toasted walnuts and fresh parsley. RECIPE





Ina Garten’s Lemon Chicken Breasts

This recipe uses wine, garlic, lemon and herbs to make a bright, light dinner for Passover and year-round. RECIPE






Epicurious’ Fish Packets with Snap Peas, Tomatoes and Herb Butter

An easy herbed butter infuses fish and vegetables with rich flavor in this family-friendly dinner. RECIPE






Molly Yeh’s Sprinkle Macaroons

An extreme amount of sprinkles add a fantastic crunchy quality that you don’t often find on a macaroon. And they’re fun to look at! RECIPE






Paula Shoyer’s Chocolate Quinoa Cake

This thoroughly modern flourless chocolate cake nails that fudge cake texture, thanks to quinoa (surprise!), which, unlike flour, leaves a lot of available moisture to keep the cake deliciously chocolatey and squidgy. RECIPE





Tasty’s Slow Cooker Matzo Ball Soup
Tasty Junior has a recipe for an easy fix-it-and-forget-it matzo ball soup. RECIPE

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Photo: Tinkle Crinkle Caterpillar by Baby GUND

The Passover seder is the most widely practiced Jewish ritual in modern society, but kids don’t always make it through the seder. Caring for infants and newborns can be frustrating for parents who are participating in the ritual. And this year may be extra challenging without extra hands around to keep the little ones busy.

Keep baby busy and engaged during the first Seder with Tinkle Crinkle, GUND’s fresh, new energetic collection of plush tactile toys. The collection is designed with colorful print patterns and the cutest spring critters on premium soft fabrics. Tinkle Crinkle offers an adorably refreshing way to promote soft, safe, and fun sensory play for baby while the rest of the family has an enjoyable, educational and spiritual seder.

They also make great gifts for bubbe and zayde to send since they can’t visit right now!

Tinkle Crinkle Activity Ball (Baby GUND)

Tinkle Crinkle is a new fresh, energetic collection of plush baby toys with contemporary prints on premium fabrics that promote soft, safe, and fun tactile play for all ages.
The 7-inch Activity Ball features loveable characters from the Tinkle Crinkle Collection in soft, 3-D cut-outs on top of sections of different-textured fabric and multicolored ribbons for a mix of sensory-stimulating and tactile play.
Soft plush ball with safe embroidered details is easy to grip and throw by little hands and is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Age: 0+; MSRP: $20.00; Available now at GUND.com


Tinkle Crinkle Lovey (Baby GUND)

Tinkle Crinkle is a new fresh, energetic collection of plush baby toys with contemporary prints on premium fabrics that promote soft, safe, and fun tactile play for all ages.
The 13-inch Tinkle Crinkle Birdie and Bunny Loveys feature fun patterns in soft colors that combine baby’s favorite plush with a huggable security blanket.
Ribbons on the top and tied corners promote tactile, sensory-stimulating play and embroidered details provide safe play for all ages. Machine washable for easy cleaning.

Age: 0+; MSRP: $12.00; Available now at GUND.com in Birdie and Bunny


Tinkle Crinkle Hedgehog Plush (Baby GUND)

Tinkle Crinkle is a new fresh, energetic collection of plush baby toys with contemporary prints on premium fabrics that promote soft, safe, and fun tactile play for all ages.
Our adorable 9-inch hedgehog plush features fun, colorful Tinkle Crinkle patterns on its torso, ears, and feet and fluffy navy-blue fabric on its back to promote tactile, sensory stimulating play.

Age: 0+; MSRP: $16.00; Available Now at GUND.com

Staff Writer <![CDATA[Shalom Bayit]]> https://orjewishlife.com/?p=20602 2020-04-03T15:57:16Z 2020-03-29T13:59:47Z

Shalom bayit is the Jewish religious concept of domestic harmony and good relations between husband and wife. In a Jewish court of law, shalom bayit is the Hebrew term for marital reconciliation.

It’s understandable if we all have moments when we’re heartbroken, frustrated and scared, but sometimes under extreme stress situations worsen.

If you or someone you know –be it a child, adult or senior – is feeling afraid or threatened, please reach out to one of these resources.

What if I am struggling with my mental health?

If you need someone to talk to, here are some options:

  • Senior Loneliness Line: 503-200-1633

  • Youth Line: 877-968-8491 or Text teen2teen to 839863

  • Mental health crisis line: 503-988-4888.

  • Lines for Life is a regional non-profit dedicated to preventing substance abuse and suicide:
    Suicide Lifeline: 800-273-8255
    Alcohol & Drug Helpline: 800-923-4357
    Military Helpline: 888-457-4838
    Youthline: 877-968-8491
  • The Oregon Recovery Network and MyRecoveryLink offer digital recovery support.

  • Jewish Family & Child Service’s Counseling program offers effective, high-quality services to individuals, couples, and families facing life’s challenges in the tri-county area.

  • Mental Health, Crisis Lines, and Child Welfare Office Contacts by County in Oregon.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a healthcare provider, consider reaching out to them, too.

Please check in with your friends, family, loved ones and neighbors, even if you haven’t talked to them in a while. A simple “How are you doing?” can make a big difference.

What if I need health insurance? 

You may be able to get it now when you could not before because the Oregon Health Plan was recently approved for expanded coverage.

Here’s where you can apply: https://www.oregon.gov/oha/HSD/OHP/Pages/Apply.aspx

PR & Wire Services <![CDATA[Kosher for Passover Products will not be Impacted by COVID-19]]> https://orjewishlife.com/?p=20538 2020-03-26T00:25:30Z 2020-03-26T00:17:25Z

Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher, the world’s largest kosher certification agency, has confirmed that the supply chain for kosher for Passover food has not been disrupted due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

OU Kosher is certifying more than 7,400 products for Passover 2020, which are available both in the United States as well as overseas. Despite the long lines and panic shopping taking place at grocery stores around the country, there is an abundance of kosher food available for the upcoming holiday, according to the organization.

“Kosher for Passover food products were produced at the end of the 2019 calendar year and shipped shortly thereafter,” said OU Kosher CEO Rabbi Menachem Genack. “As a result, there will not be any problem accessing kosher for Passover products.”

“Additionally, food manufacturers are continuing to produce food during this time and we have been assured by our clients – including Manischewitz, Empire, Kedem and others – that there is plenty available and that there is no issue with food production for Passover,” added Genack.

OU Kosher puts out the country’s leading kosher for Passover product guide each year. Click here to access the 2020 guide: https://go.ou.org/passoverguide.

OU Kosher, the world’s largest kosher certification agency, certifies more than 1 million ingredients in 10,000 plants in more than 100 countries. The agency certifies two-thirds of all kosher-certified foods in the United States. For more information, visit: https://oukosher.org/.

Guest Post <![CDATA[Please act now!]]> https://orjewishlife.com/?p=20446 2020-03-22T18:53:00Z 2020-03-22T18:50:33Z

Dear Colleagues,

As you may have read in the news yesterday, Senate Republicans released a massive stimulus plan to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic to help businesses having trouble staying afloat. We need to make sure that nonprofits, such as Jewish Federations and their partner agencies, receive this aid to ensure our work across the country can continue unabated.

The bill will pass very soon, and we are writing to ask you to contact your Senators TODAY. If you called yesterday, please call again today. Reach out to Senate Majority and Minority Leaders Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to ask for their leadership. Forward this to others who can help.

Thank your members for taking swift action to respond to the crisis but let them know we continue to push for the following:

Hundreds of millions of people in America are at risk of losing access to food, medicine and other basic needs provided by a network of Jewish and other social service organizations.

URGE CONGRESS TO ensure $60 billion of the Emergency Relief through Loans and Loan Guarantees goes to the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofits, which address the needs of the most vulnerable across America, are at risk of not being able to continue their operations.

URGE CONGRESS TO allow all public charities to participate in the Small Business Interruption Loan program.

Provide new incentives that allows all Americans the opportunity to donate to Federation agencies and other charities.

URGE CONGRESS TO increase the Nonitemizer Charitable Contribution Deduction to $2,000.

We URGE YOU to make a phone call, send an email, and/or post on your social media channels TODAY. Sample call and email language HERE. Share on social media HERE. Find your Senators HERE.


Eric D. Fingerhut, President and CEO

Stephan Kline, Interim Director of the Washington Office &

Associate Vice President for Public Policy

Staff Writer <![CDATA[For Your Entertainment…]]> https://orjewishlife.com/?p=20552 2020-03-27T20:25:34Z 2020-03-21T15:57:02Z

This Week in Artslandia. Artslandia is a diverse family of media and during this pause of live performances and community gatherings, they’ll shift to bring art to you in your homes. Watch here.

Broadway Plays and Musicals You Can Watch On Stage From Home
From “Newsies” to “Sweeney Todd,” Playbill is running down some of the best filmed Broadway shows—and where to find them. playbill.com

Enjoy 12 virtual Disneyland rides from the comfort of your home. You can take the plunge on Splash Mountain, fly through Peter Pan’s Flight, and escape the temple on Indiana Jone’s Adventure without leaving your couch when you watch virtual Disneyland rides on YouTube.

Museums Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take on Your Couch
Take a look at just some of Google’s top museums that are offering online tours and exhibits. Museums around the world are also sharing their most zen art on social media to help people cope with staying home.

Google Earth Has Virtual Tours of 31 National Parks in the U.S.
The map and satellite imagery masters at Google Earth have put together a series of guided virtual tours of 31 national parks around the country, providing a stunning glimpse of the trails and vistas you can take advantage of if you visit them in real life. earth.google.com

Oregon Zoo on Facebook Live!
Go behind the scenes to meet animals and connect with our animal care staff. Tune in for new videos every week on our Facebook page or watch on YouTube. After each live video, come here for at-home ideas to learn more about these animals and how to help them. The activities, developed by our award-winning education team, are aimed at children ages K–5 (but we invite animal lovers of all ages to join in the fun!).

Walt Disney World
Pretend you are in the middle of the action on these free virtual Disney rides that take you through all the dips, turns and fun at Walt Disney World, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Staff Writer <![CDATA[Resources for Kids]]> https://orjewishlife.com/?p=20473 2020-03-30T21:08:34Z 2020-03-21T02:22:18Z


Virtual Chocolate Seder. 4 pm for grades K-5. The Fifth Annual Chocolate Seder is the best way to prepare for Passover in a fun and delicious way! Join BB Camp along with their friends at Congregation Beth Israel, for some fun, games, crafts, and of course, a chocolatey Seder! Please register here so they can send you instructions!


IAC – Israeli American Council
IAC Keshet’s mission is to strengthen the Jewish identity and connection to Israel for children ages 1-12, as well as their parents. Learn more.
IAC Eitanim is a cutting-edge experience that connects middle and high school students to Israel and their Jewish identity through innovation and entrepreneurship. Learn more.

Maayan Torah Day School
Maayan Joins Maimonides Jewish Day School to inspire each other with good deeds. Click here to participate in the #GoodDeedChallenge.

Maimonides Jewish Day School
During uncertain times, Maimonides wants to increase spreading acts of goodness and kindness with the Good Deed/Mitzvah Challenge!
Click here to learn how to join and spread the #GoodDeedChallenge.

Mittleman Jewish Community Center. The MJCC is offering online programming that includes fitness, arts & culture and activities for kids. Visit oregonjcc.org/at-home.

Nigri International Jewish Online School
Five schools under one (virtual) roof offering Bar Mitzvah Lessons Online, Hebrew school online, Jewish Learning online, Jewish education online and Jewish Day school Online. Now accepting short-term registration. nigrijewishonlineschool.com

#OperationStoryTime – Authors host storytime online
If there is a silver lining to COVID-19 closings, it’s that our favorite children’s book authors are now doing virtual storytimes!
Mo Willems — in conjunction with The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts — is offering a daily Lunch Doodle from 1-1:20 pm through March 27. Learners worldwide can draw, doodle and explore new ways of writing by visiting Mo’s studio virtually once a day for the next few weeks. Grab some paper and pencils, pens, or crayons and join Mo to explore ways of writing and making together.
Author Mac Barnett is also reading a different book every day at 3 pm ET via Instagram Live.
Other authors are grabbing their favorite books and phone and are recording themselves reading — thanks to a new online series organized by Romper. Search the hashtag #OperationStoryTime on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to find a beloved author or discover a new one!  Here are some of our favorites:

PJ Library
Plenty of ideas and activities to keep the kids busy and have fun at home. pjlibrary.org
For guidance in talking with your children about quarantines and pandemics, visit our page on How to Talk to Your Kids About Scary Situations.

With a lot of schools shut down for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus outbreak, many parents are finding themselves at home trying to juggle their jobs with raising their kids, which for now includes providing education as well. Popsugar has come up with a list of 31 sites to help you out. popsugar.com

Portland Jewish Academy
Morah Kim performs weekly “Songs from My Back Pocket” on Facebook.

Virtual Pop-Up Camp
A community of motivated Jewish camp professionals representing more than a dozen California Jewish overnight summer camps are offering programming for six hours per day, Monday-Friday via Facebook Live.