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Mark Padgett shares a passion for sports and politics

Photo: Three of Mark’s relatives (Molly, Phil and Irene) who worked for Al Capone in the 1930s attended Mark’s bar mitzvah in 1961 (at right). Mark’s grandfather Philip Lewin with Mark’s mom Shirlie; and from left, Shirlie (mom), Malvena “Molly” Mandel (great grandmother), Mark and Irene Lewin (grandmother).  At age 11, Mark Padgett was paid…


Celebration of Art

Photo: Morrie carved this stand from black walnut for a shofar he bought from Israel as a birthday gift. Two years ago Morrie Jackson’s wife Gerry went to ORA’s annual Celebration of Art at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center and told Morrie he should exhibit his work. Last year Morrie took a few of his…


Women’s Financial Empowerment Workshops

This fall and winter, Women’s Philanthropy of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland is presenting a Women’s Financial Literacy Workshop Series focused on three stages of life: adulting, transitions and retirement. All three workshops are designed to increase a participant’s financial literacy in key areas by incorporating Jewish values and providing tactical and practical tools…


Pregnancy and exercise DO mix

Photo: Dr. Blair Green (right) and Dr. Kate Mihevc-Edwards. Roughly four million women give birth every year, according to the CDC, yet there is still a significant gap in information and resources for women whose bodies are undergoing massive changes. It’s time to empower women and make “uncomfortable” topics about pregnancy mainstream. “As physical therapists…


Irin Carmon: The face of feminism today

Award-winning journalist Irin Carmon, 36, says her earliest feminist memory is going to her school library wanting to read biographies of women. She found only two for young readers: one on Mary Todd Lincoln and the other on Julia Ward Howe. “Where are the rest of them?” Irin wondered. “We ended up writing one,” says…

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