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Israel’s National Hospital Provides Hope for Palestinian Toddler Burn Victim

 Summary: Following a horrific house fire, medical experts at Sheba Medical Center, Tel HaShomer in Israel saved the life of an 18-month-old Palestinian toddler. The hospital’s highly skilled surgeons used a treatment that had never before been performed in Israel, utilizing an innovative skin bank to stabilize the child’s condition and help her begin the long…


Humor can ease care-giving burdens

PHOTO: Peter Rosenberger with his wife, Gracie, who has two prosthetic legs. April is National Humor Month: We certainly cry enough tears, but do we chuckle and laugh enough? By Peter Rosenberger In an interview with AARP some years back, they mentioned so many people serving as caregivers don’t necessarily see themselves or identify as a…


Learn “How to Not Tip Over”

PHOTOS: Alexander Technique teacher Eve Bernfeld works with students. Photo by Andrea Leoncavallo   Seniors can explore their balance this month in a workshop that is both informative and playful – aspects reflected in the class title, “How to Not Tip Over.” “Humans are amazing balancing bipeds, but as we get older the balancing act…

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