Articles by Liz Rabiner Lippoff


From Iron Dome to Ashland Home

When Emanuel and Connie Ben-David retired, they wanted to move to an affordable place with good climate and a strong Jewish community. They researched the best places to retire in the United States and when Ashland popped up over and over, they decided to fly out here and check it out. It was a long…


Senior Connections

Intergenerational links benefit PSU students and their “somewhat older” friends Wikia, a site that claims to be “the home of fandom,” lists hundreds of variations of the game Monopoly. Among my favorites: Ice Cream-opoly, Game of Thrones Collector’s Edition and Queue (Communist Monopoly.) Communist Monopoly? Inexplicably, the site doesn’t mention “You’ve Been Hired,” the personal…


And Heeeere’s … Danny!

Dan Ross was in the trucking business in New York City in the early 1950s and, while it paid the bills, he didn’t enjoy it at all. Married, with a 3-year-old daughter, he was contemplating his options one day while riding the subway. What should he do? What did his future hold? Then he looked…