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Frank Wesley at 97

EDITOR’S NOTE: Less than a week after the issue with this article was printed, Frank Wesley passed away at the age of 97. He died  at 6:30 in the evening on May 26, 2016. He was surrounded by the love of his family and friends and received visitors until the very end. Frank Wesley is…


Child prodigy catalyzes unsettling Israeli drama

Under the influence of consumerism, militarism and the pace of the modern world, the People of the Book have little use for poetry. That’s one reading – and the most obvious and simplistic – of “The Kindergarten Teacher,” Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid’s unsettling saga of an adult’s missteps when presented with a preternaturally talented child….


“Midnight Orchestra” reprises Moroccan family melody

In the immortal “Casablanca,” cagey club owner Humphrey Bogart remarks that he came to the titular Moroccan city “for the waters.” When police captain Claude Rains points out that they’re in a desert, Bogart’s Rick replies enigmatically, “I was misinformed.” Michael Botbol, the Moroccan-Jewish protagonist of the picaresque comedy-mystery “The Midnight Orchestra” can identify with…


Ariel Zimman’s Bernie Pipes go viral

When cannabis became recreationally legal in Oregon, Portland ceramic artist Ariel Zimman decided to create a spin-off from her ceramic home décor business, Relm Studios, to create aesthetically focused ceramic smoking wares. After Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire (her parents Robert and Marilyn Zimman live in Portsmouth, NH), Ariel wanted to…


Biz Ins & Outs

Temple Beth Sholom hires Rabbi Elisha Herb Rabbi Elisha Herb becomes the new rabbi of Temple Beth Sholom in Salem effective July 1. He succeeds Interim Rabbi Dan Aronson, who resides in Houston and has visited TBS on a monthly basis during the search for a full-time rabbi. An affiliate of the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation, Temple…


Candy Babel is part of a long Jewish tradition

In a Tablet Magazine article, author Katharine Weber asserts, “No other immigrant group is as central to the candy trade as Jews.” Soon after arriving in the United States in the early 1900s, European-Jewish peddlers learned to make candy. Candy was easy for newcomers to produce since it “did not require significant investment in equipment,…


Painting Sound

Near the end of her 27-year career illustrating the women’s catalogue for Pendleton Woolen Mills, Diane Russell drew on her passion for music to paint Linda Hornbuckle, known as the matriarch of Portland’s blues scene. The portrait of Hornbuckle, who died in 2014, is one of 16 of Diane’s paintings of local musicians on display…


‘Count’ the ways senior author keeps busy

“Linnie Ann Adams Walcott came early to her first class in medical school: anatomy and physiology. … She and a skeleton were the only people in the room, but as the other students arrived, Linn became an island in a sea of males who left two or three seats between her and themselves.” So writes…

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