Articles by Teddy Weinberger


Yom Kippur in Israel

By Teddy Weinberger   On Thursday morning Sept. 20, I will open my newspaper and see the traditional day-after Yom Kippur picture: one of Israel’s busiest highways completely deserted during the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. Indeed, among the secular Israeli public, Yom Kippur is often thought of as “Bicycle Day,” since the absence…


New melody and new question for Pesach

PHOTO: Yonatan Razel at the piano, his instrument of choice. PHOTO BY OHAD ROMANO     As I was thinking about the upcoming Passover preparations, two distinct thoughts entered my mind. This year, I want to share two recommendations for Passover. 1) We all have our favorite Passover seder melodies. If we are guests at a…


Summer fun in Israel

The school year in Israel runs from Sept. 1 through June 30. Israeli kids especially look forward to hahofesh ha-gadol (“the big vacation,” as summer break is universally called here), because they go to school six days a week. So during the school year they seldom get a chance to sleep over at a friend’s…


Tu B’Shevat: Jewish Arbor Day

The almond tree is blooming And a golden sun does shine Birds from every rooftop Announce the festive time Tu B’Shevat is here – the festival of trees! Above is the first stanza of the most well-known song for Tu B’Shevat (there are two other stanzas, both hardly known). Though the words to this song…


Educating for Emotional Intelligence

My son, Elie, is a graduate of Yeshivat Noam High School. In Israel, with so many public religious secondary schools to choose from, you have the luxury of looking for a school that matches your child’s personality. Each of our five children went to different secondary schools. Elie and Yeshivat Noam were the best fit….

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