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Business Ins & Outs March 2018

PHOTO: Solar panels help power PP&R’s Matt Dishman Community Center. The bureau’s East Portland Community Center, Wilson Pool and Southwest Community Center also have solar panels. Photo courtesy of Portland Parks & Recreation   Artists Rep receives $7 million donation Artists Repertory Theatre announced on Feb. 2 that it had received an anonymous donation of…


Seders for 2018

PHOTO: At Gesher, seder participants role play their way through the Passover seder. “Dress up” as slaves, flee to the middle of the Red Sea, feast and tell the story as if we were slaves leaving Egypt. Gesher provides slave clothing and sustenance for the journey.   Passover (March 31-April 7, 2018) Passover, also known…


Tips for a pleasurable Passover

Passover, which begins this year at sundown on March 30, is one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays. Every year families gather around the seder table to celebrate their Jewish heritage and commemorate the freedom of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery and their Exodus from Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. Often Jewish…


New melody and new question for Pesach

PHOTO: Yonatan Razel at the piano, his instrument of choice. PHOTO BY OHAD ROMANO     As I was thinking about the upcoming Passover preparations, two distinct thoughts entered my mind. This year, I want to share two recommendations for Passover. 1) We all have our favorite Passover seder melodies. If we are guests at a…

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