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What is an ethical will?

An ethical will is a document that is written to express someone’s deepest personal values in order to pass those along from one generation to the next. It is not legally binding. This practice, though it dates back to biblical and medieval times, resurfaced in the Jewish community around the 19th century and more recently…


Philanthropy can be a collaborative effort

Helping charitable individuals achieve their philanthropic goals can be a group effort, involving a cadre of charitable people, nonprofit gift planners and professional advisors. The Oregon Jewish Community Foundation understands the key role professional advisors play in helping clients with their philanthropy, which is why the foundation launched its Professional Advisors Group in 2010. PAG…


Biz In and Outs

New Look for OJCF For the first time in more than 10 years, the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation has a new logo and brand identity. “The foundation has experienced unprecedented growth in assets under management and ushered in an exciting period of advancement,” says OJCF Board President Sharon Morell. “The foundation staff has grown and…