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Happy Tu B’Shevat

  Tu B’Shevat gets its name from the date on which the holiday occurs, the 15th of the month of Shevat. In 2021, the holiday begins at nightfall on Jan. 27. Traditionally, Tu B’Shevat was not a Jewish festival. Rather, it marked an important date for Jewish farmers in ancient times. The Torah states, “When…


Traditions: “December dilemma”

Oregon Jewish Life asked three Oregon rabbis in 2012, “How can Jewish or interfaith families turn their “December dilemma” into a positive, meaningful experience for children?” Rabbi Benjamin Barnett Beit Am Jewish Community, Corvallis (Editor’s Note: In August 2017, Rabbi Barnett became rabbi of Portland’s Havurah Shalom) The phrase “December dilemma” itself reflects the heart…