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Top Ten Things You Never Knew About Camp

  Camp has become a staple of the summer season. Each year, millions of children, youth, and adults head to the hills, lakes, valleys, and parks to participate in the time-honored tradition of camp. And, while most people easily conjure up images of campfires and canoes, there is a lot more to the camp experience….


A taste of camp

  Whether your child is anxiously awaiting going to summer camp or you are just going to sleep in the backyard under the stars, recreate the fun desserts of camping at home with these no-campfire-needed treats. Create Your Own Campsite Recipe courtesy Sandra Denneler for SheKnows Create clever tent cookies and campfire crackers in your…


The evolution of artist David Kolasky

  Photo: Knifemaking and woodworking are just two of David Kolasky’s talents. David Kolasky wasn’t sure what to expect when he moved his family from Philadelphia, PA, to accept a hospital administration position in Toledo, OH, in the early 1980s. But what was supposed to be a two-year stint turned into 30, and it was…