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Northwest Nosh Powell’s Seafood Restaurant

In our first edition of Hidden Gems, we focused on a surprising sushi find on Southeast Powell. It turns out that only 10 blocks away, there is an equally satisfying Cantonese gem. Red and green neon lights announce the deceptively unassuming Powell’s Seafood Restaurant, which has been serving customers seven days a week since 1994….


Ben Selling was Portland’s first “First Citizen”

In 1928 Ben Selling was the inaugural recipient of the Portland Association of Realtors’ “First Citizen” Award, honoring contributions to the city. His 70th birthday was celebrated throughout the town. And when he died on Jan. 15, 1931, the Oregon Legislature adjourned and flags flew at half-staff. “Ben Selling Dies; City in Mourning,”The Oregonian proclaimed…

Shab Levy: The Man behind OMSI's Mesmerizing Gravitram

You’ve seen the phenomenon at OMSI for 40 years, a 10-foot-high, ever-moving mechanical sculpture that lifts and then drops balls through its labyrinth. The gravitram, a name derived from the words “gravity” and “tramway,” is the work of artist, designer and inventor Shab Levy. Built in 1973, the OMSI sculpture is one of many custom-made…


Overnight camps nourish youth to grow into strong adults

Overnight camps help young campers learn valuable life skills that enhance their lives in college and beyond. Numerous studies have shown youth benefit from attend- ing sleep-away camps. The American Camp Association lists numerous benefits young people develop through their experiences at residential camps. In terms of social skills development, campers learn leadership, communication and…


Jewish Overnight Camp: Incentive Program Comes to Portland

A zipline tops fifth-grader Javier Vollmayer’s list. Jared Norman wants a GaGa Pit. In fact, everyone at the Residential Camp Fair held at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center Jan. 12 had something special in mind for this summer’s fun. The Jewish camp experience, an important indicator of future attachment and engagement with the community, was…