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Beyond Seinfeld: Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander is most recognized as George Costanza, the nebbishy, selfish and lazy character he played on the iconic TV series, “Seinfeld.” But off-screen Jason is anything but lazy, with a career that also boasts movie roles, the Broadway stage, Jenny Craig commercials, TV poker tournaments and his current one-man show. Jason, whose real name…


Friendly House, a nonprofit neighborhood center and social service agency, has created a Community Concierge program to offer a wide range of in-home services for adults 60 and older who reside on Portland’s west side. “There are 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day in our country. That translates to another 43,000 Oregonians reaching the…


Goldie Barde remembers her old neighborhood

Most people know Goldie Barde for her great work as president of the Robison Home Sisterhood or the religious services she led at Cedar Sinai Park. They remember when she and her late husband, Leonard, received the 2008 Maurice D. Sussman Memorial Award for their contributions to the community. But many don’t know her fascinating…

CSS climbing tower challenges campers to scale new heights

This summer campers at Camp Solomon Schechter were introduced to a new challenge – a 45-foot climbing tower. The structure, nestled against the woods at the end of the sports field, features two different walls, one for beginner-to-intermediate climbers and the other for advanced-to-expert climbers. “Having some variability in the difficulty on each wall has…



I recently read the results of a survey on how much women spend on their clothing and was taken aback. On average, women spend $125,000 in their lifetime on their style! Roughly, the report continued, that works out to between $180 and $480 per month. That’s a lot of money each month! But that’s not…


We have a lot to worry about

We Jews have good reason to worry. We worry about all sorts of threats: the threat to Israel of a nuclear-armed Iran; the threat of terrorism against vulnerable Jewish institutions; the threat of anti-Semitism, which is on the rise in Europe; and the threat of assimilation, which, here in the diaspora, is diminishing our numbers….


Seth’s Spin Toward Sochi

Seth “The Dreidel” Hill hopes the spinning and jumping techniques he honed on Oregon sidewalks and ski slopes will carry him to the first Olympic snowboard slopestyle competition in February. “Basically slopestyle is a full run down the hill with different obstacles – three to four jumps and two or three rails or jibs,” explains…