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Healthcare Heroes Project

  Photo: From left: Juli and Rick Barde, Jorden Cohen, Sallie Cohen, Karen Fairfield. Positive Charge! PDX is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is open to everyone, with a mission to make a positive impact on a collective scale by doing good deeds, sharing good news, and building community. They create opportunities for the public to…


Group promotes positive news and actions

PHOTOS: Above, Positive Charge! volunteers will package and deliver homemade cookies to emergency workers at fire stations, police stations and hospitals on Christmas day. Right, Positive Charge! co-founders, from left, Ruthie Matinko-Wald, Sallie Cohen and Jen Zeidman outside KBOO after being interviewed by Suzanne LaGrande for a radio show in November. Fighting intolerance with kindness…


Volunteer Mavens

Knitting and mitzvah-making mesh. Think war relief, supporting the poor, even thoughtful Hanukah presents and the craft comes to mind. Why does kibitzing over needles and yarn lend itself to helping others so well? We asked experts from three local knitting mitzvah groups to explain. “To create something and know it will go to someone…