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Surviving and Thriving

Photo: Mirjam today By Sharon Gelbach Listening to Mirjam Bait Talmi (nee Szpiro) tell her tale of Holocaust survival, I’m immediately struck by her attempt to date every memory, categorize every conversation, and place each memoir in the context of the larger events taking place around her. It all makes sense when I learn that…


Survivors asked to share pre-Holocaust lives

PHOTO:Holocaust survivor Lea Evron recounts her young life in Poland. See her story at https://bit.ly/2Ku54xf WORLD JEWISH RESTITUTION ORGANIZATION  LAUNCHES SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN– #MyPropertyStory – BEHIND EVERY PROPERTY THERE IS A STORY In preparation for Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom HaShoah), the World Jewish Restitution Organization has launched a month-long social media campaign –  #MyPropertyStory –…