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Artists Repertory Theater presents “The Berlin Diaries” Audio Drama

  Andrea Stolowitz’s great-grandfather kept a journal for his descendants after escaping to New York City in 1939 as a German Jew. Using her German-Jewish great-grandfather’s diary, Lacroute Playwright-in-Residence and three-time Oregon Book Award-winning playwright, Andrea created “The Berlin Diaries,” the autobiographical story of Andrea’s quest to untangle her family’s history. The record keeps as…


Oregon Jewish Museum Hopes to Unlock Photo Mysteries

The Oregon Jewish Museum is looking for a few more “History Detectives” – people who can unlock the stories behind OJM’s “mystery photos.” An earlier story on some of the museum’s unidentified images (“Mysterious Images,” Oregon Jewish Life, November 2013) helped Anne LeVant Prahl, OJM’s curator of collections, identify some of the mystery photos. And…


Pioneer Jews

Oregon’s Jewish settlers may or may not have studied the Talmud’s precepts, but they definitely took Rabbi Hillel’s advice to heart. During the state’s first century – and especially during its first 50 years – Oregon Jews made impressive contributions to political and civic life. While those contributions continue into the present day, with Sen….

Oregon Jewish Museum: In the Game

Harry Glickman – one of the founders of the Portland Trail Blazers, the team’s president from 1987-94 and now president emeritus– is one of many local athletes and sports promoters featured in the Oregon Jewish Museum’s blockbuster summer exhibit In the Game: Oregon Jews/Oregon Sports. The exhibit closes on Sept. 30. A new exhibit by…

Prehistoric tools enabled architectural revolution

Recent research at the archaeological site of Motza in Israel’s Judean hills unearthed evidence that sophisticated carpentry tools first appeared at the same time as increased agriculture and the establishment of permanent settlements. During the Neolithic Age (approximately 10000–6000 BCE), early man evolved from hunter-gatherer to farmer and agriculturalist, living in larger, permanent settlements with…