Daily Archives: July 6, 2018


Try a date syrup cocktail at Ray

A July 5 article in the online publication The Nosher reports the rising popularity of an ancient sweetener from Israel. A Portland chef is already in the know. “Whether you call it date syrup, date honey, or silan, this Israeli ingredient has been popping up in restaurants all over North America,” writes Emily Paster in…


Good-for-You Meals with Grape Taste

When it comes to balancing heart-healthy meals with appealing flavors, it’s important to lean on nutritious ingredients that pack mouthwatering taste. For example, grapes are a delicious yet subtle way to incorporate a little something extra into your diet while adding a juicy burst of flavor. Grapes of all colors – red, green and black…


Versatile summer fruit: Watermelon

As I look around, I see everyone with their Hydro Flasks in hand, keeping themselves hydrated. I know that before I leave the house in the summer, I have so many bottles of beverages on my passenger seat that it starts beeping thinking someone is sitting there! It’s no joking matter keeping yourself hydrated and…


Marc’s Remarks: July 4th History

I hope everyone enjoyed the July 4th holiday. Being a slow week, I thought I would share some history about special Jewish connections to July 4. In 1975 the U.S. Post Office memorialized Haym Salomon with a stamp that included, for only the second time ever, a message on the back: “Businessman and broker Haym…


Biz Ins & Outs July 2018

OJCF promotes three staffers The Oregon Jewish Community Foundation has promoted three of its professional team members in recognition of their work on behalf of the organization. Chris Vitron has been promoted to chief financial officer. He joined the OJCF team in late 2013. Vitron’s responsibilities include oversight for general and fund accounting, budget management,…

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