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AgeLess Advice

The topic of gardening is a different subject now than it was some 40 years ago when my family and I tilled and maintained an acre of land for fruit and vegetable gardening (with a few chickens thrown in). Time seemed so simple then: no personal electronics, no microwave oven, no rush – or so…


Let The Planting Commence

For the food gardener, winter ends in February. While it’ll be months yet – long, cold, soggy months – before tender annuals such as tomatoes, peppers and squash can go into the ground, now’s the time to plant perennial fruiting plants such as grapes, raspberries and strawberries. Shrubs, too, can be planted in the Northwest…

Restoring History Takes Vision and Patience

When Myra Beetle bought her 1892 Victorian, the two-story home barely hinted at its glorious past. Decades of remodels covered the home’s original gingerbread, bay windows and trim. Built in the Portsmouth neighborhood of North Portland as a wedding gift to Mary Jardine, the house once served as a gambling den, according to neighborhood lore….

Jewelry Goes High Tech

What’s an outfit without the right accessories? With Kendra Scott’s online and in-store interactive DIY jewelry experience, the tables have turned, leading people to question what outfit should go with their jewelry. After launching her business in Austin, TX, in 2002 with just $500, Kendra Scott has created a global multimillion-dollar brand sold at renowned…

Sacred Unions

Jewish weddings have always been a community priority. The patriarch Abraham went to great lengths to arrange the marriage of his son, Isaac, to Rebekah. And the great medieval sage Maimonides included marriage in his listing of the 613 commandments incumbent upon Jews. Closer to home, no sooner had the first Jewish young men arrived…


Money Matters

First-time Newlyweds: When and how should we start budgeting and combining finances? Discussion about finances is a process best started when you commit to marry and should continue indefinitely. A good way to start is by sharing each of your specific short-, mid- and long-term goals. Then, together, prioritize the goals, giving relevant details like…


Carnival Mood Reigns at Purim

Each Jewish festival has its own kind of joy. On Purim it’s unbridled joy. “Everything is permitted on Purim,” goes the Yiddish saying. Elaborate costumes, buffoonery, theatrical farces, parodies of texts and personages, singing, feasting and drinking even make their way into the synagogue, creating scenes that wouldn’t be countenanced at any other time of…

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