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A Tale of Two Jewish Super Bowl Linemen

  Photo: Mitchell Schwartz, left, and Ali Marpet are two of the NFL’s few Jewish players. Here’s a football bet you probably could’ve gotten long odds on before the season started: each Super Bowl team having a Jewish offensive lineman. Both are standout players, but only one — Ali Marpet, a sixth-year pro for the…


Pull-Apart Challah with Pizza Dip Recipe

  You love challah. You love pizza. It might be time to combine these two cherished carbs together in one pan. By Shannon Sarna for The Nosher Ingredients: 1 pound prepared challah dough — any recipe you like 1 cup canned tomato sauce ½ cup ricotta cheese 4 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature ¼…


Homemade treats for Super Bowl Sunday

On Nov. 12, 1892, the Allegheny Athletic Association’s football team beat the Pittsburg Athletic Club. The game itself was not notable, however one of the players, William (Pudge) Heffelfinger, was openly paid $500 to play, making it the very first pro football game played in the United States. As they say, the rest is history….