Articles by Lee Braymen-Cleary


Betsy Kauffman makes time for Comedy

Portlander Betsy Kauffman lives a life full of beliefs that she puts into action on many stages. Calling herself “weirdly domestic,” this 55-year-old livewire puts her beliefs into practice as a Jewish wife and mother of two boys, Gabriel and Zach. Domesticity dwindles as she heads to her workday at the nonprofit organization Energy Trust…


Vive la Lazarus!

When envisioning a Citroen, the French car that has rolled out of the Parisian factory since 1919, what might come to mind is an otherworldly, avant-garde vehicle popular in films. Retired psychologist and Southwest Portland resident Robert Weisman has owned two of these exotic Parisians and maintains a Citroen Club membership. So he knows, for…