Articles by Lee Braymen-Cleary


Karlins enjoy art, healthy food and the J

Nestled in an airy, semidetached home in the shadow of Washington Square are native New Yorkers, Richard and Karen Karlin. Sedate, intelligent and spry, these Jewish seniors live tasteful and natural lives with ducks floating by on the creek just feet from their deck. Artwork graces the pale green walls of their great room. A…


Betsy Kauffman makes time for Comedy

Portlander Betsy Kauffman lives a life full of beliefs that she puts into action on many stages. Calling herself “weirdly domestic,” this 55-year-old livewire puts her beliefs into practice as a Jewish wife and mother of two boys, Gabriel and Zach. Domesticity dwindles as she heads to her workday at the nonprofit organization Energy Trust…


Vive la Lazarus!

When envisioning a Citroen, the French car that has rolled out of the Parisian factory since 1919, what might come to mind is an otherworldly, avant-garde vehicle popular in films. Retired psychologist and Southwest Portland resident Robert Weisman has owned two of these exotic Parisians and maintains a Citroen Club membership. So he knows, for…