Looking for Love: Dating is a Meet Market

Marketing and dating – they’re not so different! After all, aren’t both of these about clearly communicating with another person in an attempt to forge a relationship? Let me review the 12 most persuasive words used in marketing – discovery, easy, guarantee, health, caring, money, new, proven, results, safety, savings and you – and illustrate how they apply to dating.

Discovery is the most fun of all in the dating process. It provides an opportunity to increase your sphere of knowledge. Although dating can be nerve wracking, it’s also fascinating to learn about different ideas and hear about varied experiences. And dating via the Internet gives you the opportunity to connect with someone you might never have encountered in your normal walk of life. In this way, you get to discover unknown territory – especially if
you have to travel to get together.

Most people like experiences to be sans stress and complications. Allow dating to be easy and enjoyable by incorporating the following behaviors into your style: make straightforward arrangements to meet; be emotionally honest with dates; remain open to hearing about different ideas without judgment; go with the flow; and leave your grandiose expectations at home.

Although there aren’t any guarantees in life, you can make a promise to simply enjoy yourself – in life and on a date.

In any situation, self-preservation is always a big motivator. Incorporate healthy behaviors into your life, which includes claiming some “me” time. So, even if your date is not a good match, remember that you still got dressed up and out of the house, saw a movie, had a nice dinner and so on.

Caring and being the recipient of caring behaviors while on a date makes each participant feel seen and heard. These behaviors can include courteousness, respect, laughter (with another or at yourself) and active listening.

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to have fun on a date. You can go on a picnic, take a walk, visit a mall or go to a free street fair. Sometimes planning a robust activity for a first meeting is less tension filled than sitting across a table while struggling to fill in the silences. Walking, looking around and doing something will give you ample fodder for conversation. It also gives you an in-depth peek into a person’s personality; for example, by their stride, you can observe the pace at which a person walks through life. Keep your eyes and ears open, because actions often foretell more than words.

New is always exciting! Maybe you’re a first-date junkie, meaning you like the excitement of meeting new people all the time. Another way to approach dating is to find ways to make every date (with the same person) new or innovative.

Most everyone likes a tried-and-true approach. Discover if your date has had previous relationships and the cause for their demise.

A lot of people are just interested in the bottom line – or what is in it for him or her. The best way to approach dating is without
great expectations. In this way, you always have a great bottom line or result.

Safety is important, especially when dating via the Internet. Rather than being afraid to date, a better approach is to remain aware of danger and take the necessary precautions.

Everyone loves a bargain! Be mindful of another’s purse; it’s easy to be a cheap date, and this will be appreciated. Also, save the gory details of your life until you’ve made it past the first couple of dates.

Finally! Dating allows you to learn about another, but it’s also one of the best forums to learn about yourself. When you see yourself reflected in another’s eye, you learn how you’re projecting your personality. If you aren’t receiving the response you’re hoping for, it may be time to re-examine your body language. Check to see if your words and actions are in sync.

There you have it – the similarities of the words important in a marketing campaign and how they may be applied to dating. This is not to say that dating is a meat market where the participants are only out to sell themselves. I prefer to think of it more as a meet market or a venue where you can encounter a diverse group of people in your search for the one with whom you can find a special connection. Remember, dating is a numbers game. The more people you meet, the better chance you have of discovering those with whom you have a base upon which to build a relationship.

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