Fashionista: Take Cover This Summer

As summer creeps up and the cringe factor of donning a bathing suit for a poolside afternoon starts to badger the back of my mind, I realize that summer should not be just about stripping down. It should be about covering up, too. Summer fun often means more time in the harsh summer sun, and at every age, it’s prudent to protect our skin from its harmful rays. Covering up doesn’t have to mean being frumpy or unstylish with a bright white zinc-painted nose! In fact, just the opposite can be true with some carefully chosen sun-blocking products that amplify your summer style.

Swim covers are a must! My swimwear strategy is this: I purchase solid-colored suits when necessary (every few years usually) and invest in new covers each summer. Covers, stylish wraps and even swimsuit-covering jumpsuits can be worn by the pool and beach, for casual dining and even to summer barbecues and parties. And they make a great outfit to keep cool when lounging around the house on hot summer days. Becca Swim, one of my favorite swimwear designers for bodies of all types and ages, offers adorable swim covers, wraps and jumpsuits to wrap it up this summer.

One of my favorite summer pastimes is to catch up on the latest and classic books. But wearing contacts near the sand and fumbling with clunky readers or glasses isn’t always the most fashionable or practical choice. But the sun readers by Eyebobs are both chic and sleek for beach or poolside reading with 100% UV protection for your precious eyes. Eyebobs, for both men and women, come in a wide selection of funky (not clunky!) frames and colors.

One place that often gets missed when applying thick sunscreens or sprays is the top of our head! The scalp is a delicate area and is exposed to the sun a lot, even during the normal course of a day. MoniMay Sun Shadz and other powder- form products are a great way to protect your scalp while offering hair styling benefits, as well. Sun Shadz is the first sun protection blend that is patented specifically for the hair and scalp. It is the first all-natural, micronized mineral powder formula that offers a solution to greasy or alcohol-based sunscreens. Just a quick swipe of the powdery brush and that’s it! Another great way to use a powder sun protectant is to brush it on your children’s heads and faces before school or the beach, especially if they dislike sunscreen creams and sprays.

Or rather, hats on for summer for the entire family with a protective sun hat. Sun hats are a must and offer the delicate skin on your face, head and ears protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Sun hats come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics and functions to mix and match with any summer outfit. What I look for in a sun hat is whether it’s packable. Shopping on, I look for hats that pack well, even just for my summer pool bag, so my hat will
last and not crumple and bend.


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