Comedy For Peace

Two years ago, Dotan Malach arrived in New York City where he has been working as a comedian, writer and producer. In March 2019, he established a new project, Comedy For Peace.

Comedy For Peace is a comedy show that combines the best Muslim and Jewish stand-up comedians for an inspiring, funny and unforgettable evening.

The show contains a rotating line-up of comedians who offer a variety of perspectives uniquely theirs, giving audiences a different perspective. Their first performance was in New York City on March 18, 2019, and it attracted more than 250 audience members. The primary goal of Comedy For Peace is to demonstrate how Muslims and Jews can collaborate, standing on one stage, having fun and laughing, without politics getting in the way.

Comedy For Peace is an accessible and meaningful interfaith show that bridges gaps between diverse communities, working from the belief that together, through the art of comedy, they can make a difference. The show features five comedians, and for an hour and a half, audiences can put aside their biases, hurts, and worries, and laugh while listening to an important message.

“So far, the show has garnered terrific interest, allowing me to have the support of the UJA, NY, and the Jewish Agency for producing the first few shows,” says Dotan. “This success has given me the strength to continue with this blessed project. Through humor, we find that at the end of the day, most people just want to live together in peace.”

During November 2019, the troupe performed in Connecticut and Baltimore. Their first West Coast Tour will run Feb. 4-9 with performances in Santa Cruz, Davis, Stanford and Irvine, CA, and Portland, OR at Portland State University on Feb. 7.

To watch a trailer for the show, or for more information, visit

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