Daily Archives: February 22, 2019


Everyone’s gaga for ga-ga

Photo: B’nai B’rith Campers play ga-ga. Ga-ga has been a favorite game at Jewish summer camps for decades. Recently, the game has gained mainstream popularity and can be found at camps and playgrounds around the world. Deemed a “gentler version of dodgeball” the game is played in a ga-ga pit. The ga-ga pit is usually…


Jewish summer camp’s X factor

Photo courtesy B’nai B’rith Camp By Jane Larkin Shabbat at camp is “cool” and adds a sense of sacredness to the camp experience. My son just returned from his second summer spent at the Union for Reform Judaism’s Greene Family Camp. While Sammy is glad to be reunited with his puppy, he misses his other…


Hamantaschen go gourmet

PHOTO: Salted Carmel Hamantaschen Purim is one of the most exciting holidays on the Jewish calendar, yet its signature food hamantaschen is not. Triangle shaped and traditionally filled with uninspired flavors, it’s no wonder this pastry is frequently disappointing. Fortunately, pastry Chef Paula Shoyer is on a mission to transform hamantaschen from bland and boring…


Skip long wait and grab a breakfast sandwich

PHOTO: Fried Egg I’m in Love’s Free-Range Against the Machine. Photo by Lauren Simpson Portland is famous for its breakfast and brunch. Diners often wait for hours outside Screen Door, Broder, Jam on Hawthorne and Slappy Cakes. But for those who can’t wait in line, a breakfast sandwich at one of Portland’s bakeries is a…

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