Daily Archives: December 1, 2013

Not Always a Hallmark Holiday

When families gather for the holidays there is great anticipation of joyful reunions and the creation of happy memories. Unfortunately, all too often these hopes are disappointed and concerns are raised when families experience noticeable changes in their family members. Did this holiday season raise concerns about physical and cognitive changes in your family members…

Wendy Westerwelle, Fully Fabulous at 65

Actress and comedian Wendy Westerwelle wakes up every day feeling fabulous – “Medicare-fully Fabulous” in fact, which is the title of her upcoming show. Playing at the Sanctuary Theater this February, it’s about finally having health insurance and discovering that at 65, she’s never looked or felt better. “I wrote the show,” she says. “It’s…


Multi-faceted Emily Simon being honored for lifetime achievement

Longtime Havurah Shalom member, legendary matchmaker, irrepressibly funny woman, advocate for the havenots, Torah scholar and youth mentor Emily Simon is receiving a lifetime achievement award for her professional accomplishments – as a criminal defense attorney. Emily will receive the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association’s Ken Morrow Lifetime Achievement Award Dec. 6. Created in 2000…

Ask Helen

Dear Helen, Every time my parents come to visit something goes kaflooey. It’s like we are cursed. I have broken out in severe attacks of eczema. My husband had a car accident. Our daughter needed an emergency appendectomy. The water heater died. The cat died. That’s not all but I want you to keep reading….