Daily Archives: March 1, 2013

The Israel National Trail

The Israel National Trail, listed in National Geographic’s 20 most “epic trails,” is a hiking trail that crosses Israel from south to north. Beginning at the Gulf of Aqaba in Eilat, it runs north to Dan, near the Lebanese border crossing approximately 1,000 km (620 miles). The Israel National Trail has been described as a…


Money Matters

With each passing year, baby boomers increasingly are called upon to aid their aging parents with everything from home repairs to health care. One of the touchier topics tends to be finances. As the author of the upcoming book The Boomers’ Guide to Talking to Your Parents About Their Money, Kim Rosenberg has a few…


Kids and Chores: Yes, It’s Worth the Nagging

For parents it can sometimes feel like it takes more effort to get kids to complete their household chores than to simply do the chores themselves. This often leaves parents wondering, are chores really worth the effort? Research by Marty Rossmann, emeritus associate professor of family education at the University of Minnesota, says yes, imple-…

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