Triangle Productions Celebrates its 32nd Anniversary


By Dan Horn

Let’s celebrate!

OUR 32nd YEAR!

Entering into our 32nd year, I asked myself, “Why do you want to still be doing this? Aren’t you 66?” As some have said, “Shouldn’t you be retired?’” Honestly, I think if I stopped doing what I loved, I’d be lost.

I will be truthful. There are days when the audiences are low, or a stain gets on a shirt, or the toilet overflows, you think, “Yeah, why am I doing this?” Then, the lights go down, the show starts, you hear a laugh, a snicker, a vocal response you were hoping for and then possibly applause at the end. I love that feeling. I am very fortunate to be doing what I love and for as long as I have. There are not many arts organizations that keep ‘truckin’ along’. And, as one of the oldest LGBTQ-identified arts organizations in the US, we could not do it without your support and for believing in what we do.

Don Horn, executive director/found of triangle productions

When I choose a season I look at shows I want to have on stage, to express the times we live in or the emotions of the day. The shows also have to have heart. Why go through weeks of rehearsal and producing a show nightly if it doesn’t have something for all of us?

I read a lot of scripts, books, listen to audience members when they suggest an idea or a show and then off I go. Those who have seen my office will know it’s full of books, scripts, and paper – searching for the right show.

This year I am proud to present Raissa Fleming back on stage and performing Eve Ensler’s In The Body of the World. It’s been almost twenty years since she was last seen here. Now, to let you know, this show is a commitment for her. She’s driving from Salem for rehearsals and performances!

And having Wendy (Westerwelle) back as Bella Abzug – I’m grateful for our friendship that goes back to the ‘ole Storefront days (mid ‘80s).

Helen didn’t get a live audience for her show Erma Bombeck: At Wit’s End but she will this time! Living in a trailer probably wasn’t her dream but in Bakersfield Mist that’s where she lands!

The last two shows one a musical, Sex on the River and Mr. Madam are based on historical figures. I love history [as you couldn’t tell from Darcelle: That’s No Lady, Gracie, Ari-Maria, TransFORMATION, Tonya and Nancy: The Rock Opera, The Jim Pepper Project and these two shows fit right in there as well.

Oh, and I’m hoping to surprise you with something special. I’ll let you know – that’s why there’s a blank page. We’ll see – so keep your fingers, toes, eyes, legs, arms, and anything else crossed!

There you are….our 32nd season. Whew. I hope you like it as much as we do.

And seriously, thank YOU for being part of the triangle family!

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