Int’l Women’s Day Wikepedia Edit-a-thon:Jewish Women Artists


March 10, 2024 | 11am-3pm

OJMCHE, in partnership with social practice artist Shoshana Gugenheim Kedem and as part of the Art + Feminism Project, will host the 3rd Annual International Women’s Day Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon to edit and/or create Wiki pages for Jewish women artists in all genres.

We aim to collaboratively edit/enter 36 Jewish women artists into the canon. Support will be provided by an experienced Wikipedian, Raymond “Peaceray” Leonard, who will be on-site to teach and guide the process. This Edit-a-Thon will serve as both a public art action and a public educational program. Participants are encouraged to select an artist after registering so as to allow time to prepare research materials.

You must bring a laptop (no tablets) and a power charger. Select and research an artist whose entry you will be editing (first timers) or for whom you will be creating a page (experienced editors).  Have your reference materials prepared ahead of time to help you with your edits/entry. To prepare before the event, check out this doc.

Please note: This event is hosted for a worldwide audience, and we invite those who do not live in Portland, OR, to join us from your location by Zoom. We will provide a Zoom link close to the day of the event. Please repost freely, as we hope to gain international participation.

Gugenheim Kedem writes, “As a feminist amidst a growing, even thriving, worldwide community of Jewish feminists and our supporters, I recognize that the global community of women continues to be underrepresented as culture makers and contributors to the canon of cultural history. This is evident across the arts and influences the way women are recognized (or not) in the canons of encyclopedic knowledge. A Wikipedia edit-a-thon for (but not only by) Jewish women artists aims to increase Jewish women artists’ visibility in the Wikipedia archives thereby achieving a broader global impact regarding these women’s important contributions.”

See how Wikipedia Edit-a-Thons are impacting the world one word at a time. A Feminist Edit-a-Thon Seeks to Reshape Wikipedia, The New Yorker.

To register go to

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