“The Sound of Settling”, a rock’n roll novel by our contributing writer,Tara Dublin is available now.



Our contributing writer Tara Dublin recently self-published her debut novel, THE SOUND OF SETTLING, A Rock and Roll Love Story, to rave 5-star reviews and reader demands for a sequel and streaming series. It is a fun read.

Inspired by Tara’s real-life ultimate “meet-cool” with Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters in 2001, THE SOUND OF SETTLING will appeal to fans of Almost Famous, Rock Star, and Daisy Jones and the Six.

It’s 2006, and Lila Ericson Donovan is married to one of the world’s biggest rock stars: Grady Donovan, lead singer of the Grammy-winning band Case Closed. Grady plucked Lila from the front row of one of his concerts in 2001 and swept her away into a life she thought she wanted.

The Sound of Settling tells the love story between Lila and Grady in a character study that unfolds across five years and countless tour stops until everything becomes one big blur.

Starting with their unexpected meet-cool, Lila is quickly given a seemingly perfect life on the road. Red carpets, limos, private jets, hanging out with the upper echelon of rock royalty…it’s the American dream, isn’t it? She’s with the band!

But for those who live it, it isn’t always like the glossy photos in Rolling Stone. The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle is a hard one even for those deeply in love, and outside obligations and distractions can impact even the most solid of marriages. Especially when the dream life you’ve been given is actually someone else’s dream.

And when life on the road comes to a screeching halt at the kind of tour stop Lila and Grady never could have expected, she’s forced to make the kinds of choices too many women are faced with.

So will Lila stay or will she go?

THE SOUND OF SETTLING is available now in paperback and on Amazon Kindle via taradublinrocks.com. You can read more of Tara’s work on her Substack.
Follow Tara on Twitter/TikTok @taradublinrocks, and Instagram/Threads @taradublinrocks1
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