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Previews for May 2016 Issue

Reel vs. Real: Media Stereotypes and Islamophobia “Reel vs. Real: Muslim Media Stereotypes and Islamophobia” will look at the American media’s long history of using stereotypes to support foreign policy, military presence abroad and domestic divides. This free April 7 program is presented by Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education, Muslim Educational Trust,…


Leonard Nimoy, z’l, and Spock both Outsiders

The sad passing of actor Leonard Nimoy, known as Star Trek’s Mr. Spock for nearly 50 years, has triggered an outpouring of emotions across the globe. As the ever-logical, half-Vulcan/half-human science officer onboard the starship Enterprise, Nimoy brought a serene grace and dignity to the character of Mr. Spock. As the son of Yiddish-speaking, Ukrainian-Orthodox…