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Nathan Cogan weaves philanthropic web

PHOTO: Nathan Cogan stands beside the Endowment Book of Life created by Oregon Jewish Community Foundation. In his entry in the book, Nathan says: “I don’t see it as giving back, but rather giving forward.” Photo by Deborah Moon Nathan Cogan’s lifelong commitment to tithing and volunteering gained new focus following the untimely death of…

Hero for the Ages

A hero of our time and for the ages, Natan Sharansky shone a bright light on the plight of Soviet Jewry from his dark cell in a Soviet prison. Now, as chairman of the executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Sharansky uses his experiences to illuminate the importance of strong identities and the role…

Faces of Israel

The mosaic of Israeli faces on this month’s Oregon Jewish Life cover depicts the diversity of this modern nation as it prepares for its 64th birthday. The following pages offer glimpses of different aspects of the miracle that is the state of Israel.