Star-Studded “Night of 1,000 Jewish Stars” Clubhouse Passover Seder


Today, Buzzfeed’s Tasty announced their broadcast partnership on the first-ever Clubhouse Passover Seder this coming Sunday, March 28. The all-inclusive, diverse “Night of 1,000 Jewish Stars” program will usher in the most-celebrated Jewish holiday worldwide, taking a comedic, yet earnest, approach to the Passover Seder dinner highlighted by some of today’s most iconic Jewish actors, comedians, musicians, influencers, Holocaust survivors, philanthropists, and equally important, allies.

The star-studded event created, written, and hosted by Hot on the Mic’s Leah Lamarr, co-hosted by media personality Nicole Behnam, officiated by Sinai Temple’s Rabbi David Wolpe and Rabbi Sandra Lawson and benefiting non-profit organization, Value Culture, will start promptly at 4 pm PDT / 7 pm EDT in the Hot on the Mic Club on Clubhouse and will be co-broadcast on Buzzfeed Tasty’s YouTube channel: All are welcome to celebrate in this cultural experience celebrating freedom for all, bringing generations of Jewish community together on a global scale.

“Night of 1,000 Jewish Stars” will also provide a 21st-century blockchain experience to commemorate the time-honored ritual of hiding the afikomen with a special matzo NFT (non-fungible token) — a one-of-a-kind collectible piece of digital art created specifically for the event. The unique NFT will be auctioned off during the Seder with 100% of proceeds benefiting Value Culture. Another will be hidden in the Clubhouse audience to be found.

“I was excited by this idea because it is a chance to reimagine a tradition that is literally thousands of years old,” said fnnch, digital artist and creator of the matzo NFT. “If Clubhouse is the home in which Passover will take place, then hiding an NFT matzo — a singular piece that only one person can find — is the new hiding of the Afikomen.”

Value Culture’s dream is coming true as we are celebrating freedom for all and diversity with this inclusive Passover Seder that not just Jewish people will enjoy,” says Founder, Adam Swig. “All donations will go towards supporting anti-hate, food security, and mental wellness initiatives.”

The one-night only event will feature special guest appearances and performances: Jeff Garlin (actor/comedian), Tiffany Haddish (actress), Michael Rappaport (actor/comedian), Mayim Bialik (actress), Chloe Fineman (actress), Eric Weinstein (social commentator), Noa Tishby (actress/author), Israel Philharmonic’s Jonathan Hadas (musician), Tehran Von Ghasri (comedian), Julius C Thomas (Hamilton) Marc Andreeson (entrepreneur), Ben Horowitz (venture capitalist), Felicia Horowitz (social media influencer), Sophie Auster (musician/actress), Jared Freid (comedian), Jimmy Fails (actor), Rabbi David WolpeRabbi Sandra LawsonKosha Dillz (rapper), Sami Steigmann (Holocaust surivor), Marie Doduck (Holocaust survivor), Happie Hoffman (musician), Esther Povitsky (comedian), Jessica Kirson (comedian), and Sam Morril (comedian), Andrew Zimmern (chef), Daniel Shemtob (chef), Jake Cohen (chef/author), Uyanga Bold (musican), Tony Kaye (American History X film director).

“If 2020 was the year of the Zoom Seder, 2021 is the year of the Clubhouse Seder,” said Executive Producer Randi Zuckerberg. “Complete with hilarious Passover anecdotes from some of the greatest storytellers, music with the American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and prayers delivered by some of the world’s most important Rabbis, ’Night of 1,000 Jewish Stars’ will absolutely be the most entertaining Seder you have ever experienced.”

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