Publisher’s Note – “26 Things That Are completely Under Your Control”

There is seldom a time in our lives when we can say we understand what everyone throughout the world is experiencing. During these times, to one degree or another, most if not everyone is experiencing more uncertainty and lack of control.

Even if you are someone who feels very empowered, these days, there is probably a chink in your confidence as to where you are going in life.  And when so much of the leadership punting right now, it is pretty fair to ask, ”Who is in the metaphorical  driver’s seat?”

I came across this poem recently that reminded me how much we actually do have under our control. It has helped me navigate some of the uncertainty.

“26 Things That Are Completely Under Your Control” by Caleb LP Gunner.

Your beliefs
Your attitude
Your thoughts
Your perspective
How honest you are
Who your friends are
What books you read
How often you exercise
The type of food you eat
How many risks you take
How you interpret the situation
How kind you are to others
How kind you are to yourself
How often you say “I love you.”
How often you say “thank you.”
How you express your feelings
Whether or not you ask for help
How often you practice gratitude
How many times you smile today
The amount of effort you put forth
How you spend/invest your money
How much time you spend worrying
How often you think about your past
Whether or not you judge other people
Whether or not you try again after a setback
How much you appreciate the things you have

Be well,

Cindy Saltzman, Publisher

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