OJMCHE Named Spaces (as of May 10, 2017)

1st floor
Changing Exhibition Gallery:
Renee & Irwin Holzman

2nd floor Gallery:
Leonard & Lois Schnitzer Family

Stern Family
in memory of Jerry Stern

Main stairway:
Jay & Diane Zidell
Charitable Foundation

Lila Goodman

Gift shop:
Ron Tonkin Family

Rosemarie F. Rosenfeld Family (Lefty’s Cafe)

Smaller gallery, 1st floor:
Solomon & Rosalyn Menashe

Board room:
Elizabeth & Ruben Menashe

Reception desk:
Madelle & Stanley Rosenfeld

Reading room:
Alice Meyer

Education lab:
Gus & Libby Solomon
(Richard Solomon)

Hallway gallery:
Barry & Susan Menashe in honor of Davia and Ted Rubenstein and Robert and Ruth Menashe

2nd floor large exhibit case:
Bob & Lore Labby,
Paul & Lee Ann Labby

Visitor benches:
Estelle Golden;
Madelle and Stanley Rosenfeld

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