Introducing “The Weekly” from Oregon Jewish Life!

Welcome to “The Weekly” – our weekly digital lifestyle magazine about the people, events and news for the Jewish community of Oregon and Southwest Washington. The Weekly will come out every Thursday, and will also include ideas, customs and recipes for Shabbat. The Weekly will be in addition to our Monthly/Bi-Monthly magazine.

Since we are firm believers in finding inspiration at home and from outside our community, we will also be including cool people, thought leaders, happenings and ideas from other communities. As the world is becoming smaller, we can all learn and help each other. In today’s climate, especially, we must all absorb information without borders.

Most importantly, we want to thank everyone in our community for your support, feedback and thumbs up during the evolution of Oregon Jewish Life. Like everyone these days, we have had to pivot.  And as often happens, these things are a blessing in disguise. Our digital subscriptions and social media engagement have increased four-fold. Hopefully, we are also getting more savvy and creative with the information we create, curate and distribute. It seems to be working.

Nothing really stays the same, but there are a few things we have vowed to remain true to. We will continue to amplify all of our voices – the unaffiliated, the affiliated, from Reform to Orthodox, black, white, brown, LGBTQ and JOC.

We are Pro-Israel Pro-humanity and doing our best to be a voice for you.

We will be improving and refining The Weekly, as well as our upcoming annual Resource Guide. Expect to see the 2020-2021 Resource Guide a little earlier this year as we are also consumed with our new expansion project – which we are planning to launch in the fall.

Have a peaceful Shabbat, and please stay safe and healthy,

Cindy Saltzman, Publisher


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