How Do You Use Honey for a Sweet New Year?

Jennifer Greenberg & Carlos the dog, Program Director, Congregation Neveh Shalom

“We actually keep a beehive in our backyard. This year we will harvest some honey and enjoy it, comb and all. We will reflect on all the hard work we watched the bees do, and will be thankful for their role in pollinating our vegetable garden, berries and fruit trees! What is sweeter than that?”


Emily Regenstrief, Jewish Enrichment Specialist, MJCC Day Camp

“i make lots of honey cake and honey tea with my dad, and eat it Winnie the Pooh style right out of the jar!”


Cyrise Beatty Schachter, Musical Director, Havurah Shir Hadash Ashland

“We like to think of the honey as a collection of the sweetness of the flowers of Spring and Summertime. When we dip our apples and bake our honey cake, we are taking a bit of the warm season into our bodies to nourish us and sweeten our autumn and Wintertime.”


Aaron Douglas, Marketing Director, HFO Investment Real Estate

“i love honey on my peanut butter sandwiches and pancakes! I also love honey on matzos in the springtime for Passover.”


David H. Fuks, CEO, Cedar Sinai Park

“My mom used to put a little honey on new books she would give me to make learning sweet.”


Amy Stern (speaking about her daughter ruby Stern), Logistics Manager, Thinc actionwear

“Once Ruby knows it’s Rosh Hashanah, it becomes her excuse to ask for honey on everything: apples, pancakes, toast, straight out of the dish on little fingers … so, the answer is pretty much ‘in any way we can!’ ”

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