Fashionista: Basics of Fashion

When it comes to fashion, it should be buyer beware. Trends and a “what’s next” mentality often rule the magazines and style shows’ content, pressing the fashion loving to stay trendy, buy something new and turn a nose up at last season’s “in.” Trends may keep the wheels of the fashion industry moving, but at the helm of every wardrobe should be a set of core basics that are easily interchangeable and can complement the current trend.

For women I suggest a core wardrobe of basics to include:

• A crisp, white button-down blouse

• Black pants

• Khakis

• Dark jeans

• A fitted blazer

• White and black camisoles or tank tops.

• A favorite dress


For men I suggest:

• Dark jeans

• A button-down shirt

• Black pants

• Khakis

• A fitted jacket

• A neutral suit

Wardrobe basics, especially in neutral, black and white  colors, allow you to mix and match the season’s current trends  easily into your ensemble and often your budget. Why spend  on a new wardrobe each season, when you can keep your basics as a foundation and add a trend piece for a fashionably 
fresh look?
Many basics should be updated yearly, however, especially white button-downs or khakis that often discolor easily. So stay mindful of the wear and tear on your basics to stay fresh and fabulous.
Style Tip of the Month:Black goes with everything! black is a great color for basics, but also try greys and deep shades of khaki as well, depending on your 
coloring and overall style.

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