Fashionionista: Fall Fashion Trends 2013

Another season is peeking around the corner and you know what that means … It’s time to shop. Once the essential back to school shopping for erasers, backpacks and socks is complete, it’s time to start thinking about packing up the tank tops and shorts and digging out your favorite comfy sweater and pair of jeans for the cooler months. And, of course, time to find what’s new and trendy in stores to add to your wardrobe and freshen up your look.

With any season, there are the fabulous and the not-so-great trends to, literally, buy into. What I love about the Internet and Internet shopping and how it has influenced our buying power is this: the net makes it easy to research, comparison shop and find the best deals, trends and wardrobe pieces for you.

No longer are you subject to what you can find at your favorite local mall in one three-hour afternoon – you’ve got online storefronts, the world’s fashion designers and fashion advisors at your fingertips, helping you create the best functional wardrobe, keep within your budget and stay current on trends that can easily freshen up your look for each new season. For fall 2013, I’ve seen a lot of different looks from many different designers.

Here are a few of my favorite trends for the upcoming season…


TRO– USER PANTS – So long skinnies! Trouser pants are making a comeback. The over-arching theme/trend here this season is “Menswear.” However, not many women are able to pull off a full Diane Keaton-style menswear ensemble. Yet, trouser pants will work for many of us. Pair with some patent heels for casual Friday work wear.

LADYLIKE DRESSES – Longer, fuller skirts are a new option this season. I love this trend and when I saw this on the runway, I instantly thought of Kate Middleton – ever-so-ladylike and neatly dressed. So this season, dress like a duchess and feel like royalty throughout winter.

WINTER WHITE – Yes, after Labor Day. White in winter is the utmost of chic. Try a white blazer, with white pants or white day dress. Or a white cocktail dress for a dinner party. And for even more fun, pair white with gold.

What I’m Not Falling For this Season…

PLAID – I love my Saturday marathon reruns of “Clueless,” and I personally remember begging for a pair of knee high socks and a matching plaid skirt suit from 5-7-9 in, like, 1992. But “as if ” would I be into recycling this trend again.

OVERSIZED COATS – Buy a coat that fits. Period.


Shopping Tip: Internet shopping is best done after a thorough closet cleanse, so a targeted list of wardrobe pieces can be searched, identified and purchased, often saving time and money.

Kira Brown is the founder of and a personal stylist. She can be reached at 

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