Fashionable workout attire can provide “fit-spiration” to stay in shape

I have to admit, I’ve had seasons of physical laziness, months when I didn’t feel like working out at all. Week after week when life, kids, family or work would squeeze healthy, invigorating workouts out of my schedule. Admittedly, I’ve been in an iron-pumping slump, telling myself, “I’m going to work out tomorrow.”
Just a few years ago, I worked out like a lunatic, hours and hours on the treadmill or with free weights. And I loved it! I loved the way I felt – jumping out of bed each morning full of energy. My clothes fit great and of course, in photos, I would secretly pat myself on the back when I would see a hard-earned bicep or calf muscle. A strong body gave me such a confidence boost.

Today working out has become part luxury, part chore. So what to do, especially during October when women’s health is at the forefront of my mind? Well, when internal inspiration fails to drag me out of bed and prop me up in downward-facing dog for an hour, I’ve come to rely on a new method – I’ll fake it till I make it. In this case, what do I mean? I’ll dress the part of a strong, athletic and inspired yogi/fitness fanatic before I actually become one again. If you too are looking for a little “fit-spiration,” why not look to fashion for some inspiration and dress the part along with me?

Here are a few picks for what to wear for some fashion able fit-inspiration:

Sports Bras – First and foremost, support is necessary, especially for fuller figures. Protect your chest, especially when exercising, to feel comfortable and moveable. I have found wire bras to be a hindrance and sometimes painful during yoga or vigorous exercise.

Clothing – Wearing fashionable and appropriate fitness clothing is a must! I used to roll out of bed and throw on any tired t-shirt and shorts. Now, I know that when I have a cute outfit on or a shirt with an empowering message on it, I feel confident and sometimes more energetic. Showing up to a workout looking like Jillian Michaels, even just for yourself, can subconsciously get you going. In fact, look at Jillian. She’s always wearing her workout clothes – I imagine just in case she needs to do 15 burpees or 50 plie squats while running errands. If you are really lacking inspiration, get your workout clothes and shoes on first, so you are ready to hit the gym or home treadmill before there’s time to talk yourself into skipping.

Fitness trainer Nikki Metzger of Scottsdale BODI says, “Most athletic clothing is made to wick away sweat from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable. Nike for example uses hypercool technology for the summer months and hyperwarm for the cooler months, which will allow you to perform a lot better than your basic cotton t-shirt or hoodie.” Shoes – Great shoes are a must. Depending on your workout style and preferred method of getting fit, you may need new shoes two to three times a year. I love the bright color trend of cross-trainers. The bright colors are inspiring and energizing! Go bold rather than choosing white for your shoes. Men – There are amazing new technologies for men in fitness fashion, with fabrics to help ventilate while covering. Nike Dri-Fit shorts and socks are a favorite for some of the most fashionably fit men I know. Say goodbye to those tattered tank tops and sweat shorts at the gym and opt for something with style, support and ventilation.

Kira Brown is a certified personal stylist and fashion writer. Kira has interviewed many fashion icons including Tim Gunn, jeweler Neil Lane, international makeup artist Jemma Kidd and Ken Downing of Neiman Marcus. Kira also offers virtual style consultations for women and men. Contact her at

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