Back to School

With Rosh Hashanah beginning the evening of Sept. 4, school start dates this year are a challenge.

Portland Jewish Academy won’t start primary and middle school instruction until Sept. 9, although sixth-grade orientation and kindergarten and first-grade classroom visits are on Sept. 3. The infant- toddler classes also begin Sept. 3. Maayan Torah Day School also begins the school year Sept. 9, but will hold a “Getting to Know You” session Sept. 3 for early childhood and preschool parents and students. At Maimonides Jewish Day School, Director Devora Wilhelm said the school wants to prepare children for the upcoming holidays, so they will start classes Aug. 28.

Portland Public Schools begin classes Sept. 4, but “is asking principals to be mindful of their school community and avoid scheduling special events Sept. 4-6, in addition to working with families to support their start to school while observing their religious traditions,” according to the PPS website.

Bend schools also resume Sept. 4, as do the Evergreen and Vancouver Districts Public Schools in Southwest Washington.

Eugene bucks the trend. Public schools start the classroom year Sept. 10 for elementary and middle school students. High schools start class Sept. 11, with ninth-grade orientation set Sept. 10.

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