Back to School Fashion

It’s that time again – time to get back to school! Outside of fall holiday shopping, it’s one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year, filled with sales and savings. So shake off the summer sand from your beach vacations and trade in those flip-flops for back to school styles!

My must haves for back to school are jeans, shoes, jackets and bags.

Hitting the halls this fall are this season’s hottest trends in jeans. A new pair of jeans is a back to school staple for all. Printed jeans, solid colors and skinny styles are carrying over from spring. And of course, a great pair of dark blue jeans is always a wardrobe staple, if you’re in need.

Shoes – oh glorious shoes! Look for great savings on shoes and all fashion for back to school season. This time of year, however, i’m searching for smart flats and sneakers, both comfortable options while establishing a new school or classroom routine.

As the weather cools, opt for a leather bomber jacket this year in black or brown, to mix with your jeans or to match with a pretty, feminine floral dress. The masculinity of the bomber style paired with a floral dress creates an edgy, yet feminine, look. And a bomber jacket is a great wardrobe investment sure to earn its cost per wear for years to come.



Bags and backpacks are a MUSt for back to school, of course. and backpacks have become a style piece and state- ment of their own. My favorites include florals and bright neon colors for a splash of style. Along with your backpack, a chic wristlet is the perfect size to stash personal items inside your larger pack, easily accessible and easy to tote when the large pack full of books and homework isn’t necessary.

For the Guys..Same thing for men and boys: jeans, shoes, jackets and bags. Time to grab a new one of each for fall. a new pair of jeans is always a great buy for back to school. And the nike air Max, a fashion-throwback from the ’90s, is making a comeback this fall for shoes.


Uniforms, simple and predictable, are becoming more popular throughout schools. If your school allows, check Old Navy and JC Penny for pants and shorts. Also, check your local uniform distributor and school for sales on gently used uniforms from previous years.

Back to School Cleanse

The weeks prior to school are a great time for a closet cleanse and purge. Outgrown or outworn items can be donated, filling consignment and thrift store shops with inventory for discount shoppers while creating space for your new wardrobe pieces.

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