Articles by Michael Rosenbaum


Powwow Freeway

Photo: Headdresses at last year’s Wildhorse Powwow. The 24th Annual Wildhorse Powwow will be July 6-8. Some say the Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon, a vast lava flow that emanated from fissures in the earth, are the foothills of the Rockies. The escarpment rises abruptly from 1,000 feet at Pendleton to 3,600 at the…


High up in G-d’s wonderful world

My hill is Desolation Butte, North Fork John Day Ranger District (Ukiah), Umatilla National Forest in Northeast Oregon, and my tower is Desolation. In my post-retirement job as a U.S. Forest Service Fire Lookout, I spend three and a half months, most of the fire season, in a wooden, 15 by 15, 70-foot-tall cabin in…