Articles by Debra Rich Gettleman


The Vaping Epidemic

PHOTO: Image courtesy of “Dear Parent/Guardian, We want to inform you about the recent epidemic of e-cigarettes being used by our young people. E-cigarettes – also referred to as electronic cigarettes, hookah pens or vapes – are an electronic nicotine delivery system designed to mimic smoking a cigarette. They produce an odorless vapor of…


Self Reliance

“Why aren’t you at the bus stop?” I sleepily barked at my 15-year-old son, Levi, as I pulled on a sweatshirt and emerged from another night of tossing and turning. “It’s 6:20. I can’t drive you to school. I have a breakfast meeting.” “Mom,” he calmly reassured me, “Relax. My regular bus driver is out…


P, B and Jay

A few years ago when money was tight and we were scaling back on holiday gift giving, my insane husband, Mark, happened upon a giant inflatable polar bear playing “whack-a-mole” with two little penguins. Like any adoring husband, he thought, “I just have to spend the money and buy this inane decoration for my Jewish…