Ask Helen – Breaking up with Your Hair Stylist

Dear Helen:
Is there any good way to break up with one’s hair stylist?
Maybe it’s the seven-year itch, but I’m feeling dowdy when I used to feel stylin’. She’s a nice person, but I’m just not feeling it anymore.
Ready for a New Do

Dear Ready:

Breakups rarely leave clean edges. More often they lead to frayed egos. Usually one person is ready to call it quits, while the other thinks the relationship can still be fixed. As always, the key is good communication and expressing the hope of future friendship.

Look at folks whose hair you like and ask for stylist names. Be polite to your “almost” ex. Bad etiquette: go elsewhere and never tell her why. Better: Send a vmail or email that says, I want to change my hair. Attached are some pictures I found online. Can you think about how these would work on my head? (Note: googling images of keywords like short, wavy, bangs, parts on left, etc., will net you many examples.) Best: Give her a chance at making you look and feel new. If the new cut doesn’t rock your boat, follow up saying I value our relationship. I’m going to browse around for a couple cuts. I may be back. Thanks for all you’ve done. Imagine running into her at the store and act accordingly.

by Helen Rosenau

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