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Masa Year of Service

Photo: Previous participants in the Sherut Leumi program. Aardvark Israel and the Israel Volunteer Association (IVA) have partnered to give Diaspora Jewish youth the opportunity to participate in “Sherut Leumi” – a year of national service in Israel. Sherut Leumi is a program of social service which gives young people the opportunity to work voluntarily…


Chai on Challah

Although the word challah simply means “loaf” in Hebrew, there is no food more associated with Jewish ritual and tradition than the challah. And based on Instagram photos, the baking craze that has swept the nation during the quarantine shows that home bakers are working on more than sourdough starter. Whether sweet or savory, we…


Resource Guide 2020-2021: Congregations

Almost from the moment Jews arrived in Oregon, they have sought to meet the spiritual needs of the community. The first Jewish New Year services in the Oregon Territory were held in 1856 in the gold-rush boomtown of Jacksonville in southern Oregon, where German-Jewish immigrants had moved from the California gold fields. During the first…


Resource Guide 2020-2021: Lifecycle

Jewish life revolves around the cycle of life. In the Jewish tradition, lifecycle moments from birth to death carry specific rituals, most of which have been used for centuries. These moments truly center us. Following are the resources that will help you celebrate and mark each stage of life. MOHELS A mohel is the person…


Resource Guide 2020-2021: Education Profiles

CONGREGATION NEVEH SHALOM 2900 SW Peaceful Lane, Portland Foundation School Preschool: foundationschoolpdx.org, 503-293-7307 Neveh Shalom ALIYAH program: nevehshalom.org/learning/ 503-246-8831 At Neveh Shalom, our goal is for children to feel at home in Judaism. From birth through high school, we offer innovative and engaging educational experiences that nurture our children’s hearts, bodies and minds. Beginning with…

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