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Cheryl Coon aids today’s refugees

In Oregon, one in 10 residents is an immigrant according to the American Immigration Council. Our state – and Portland, in particular – also is home to increasing numbers of refugees, people fleeing unimaginable hardships including war, persecution and natural disasters. Cheryl Coon has made it her life’s work to represent the most traumatized among…


Monica Brenner: A transition leader

PHOTO: Monica Brenner looks over the stored supplies that each summer convert a park into an arts camp.   Monica Brenner has spent the past 25 years raising money for or leading nonprofits, primarily in the arts. “I love what the arts can do for our city,” says Monica. “I’m drawn to help arts serve…


Biz Ins & Outs April 2018

Beit Am gets grant to make new synagogue solar Beit Am has been awarded a $51,250 grant by Pacific Power to develop solar power for its new building in Corvallis. The Beit Am Mid-Willamette Jewish Community is building a 6,700-square-foot synagogue, located on a 5-acre parcel Beit Am purchased in 2000. Many members have advocated…


Lovely skin coming to Lake Oswego

Born in a progressive hippie community in Seattle, Lovely Laban loves to share her personal appreciation for natural beauty and help others look and feel their best. “I have always been fascinated with aging and the restoration of our bodies,” says Lovely. “During graduate school, I took a position as a laser nurse and fell…


Business Profiles 2018

FOURNIER GROUP CEO + FOUNDER DIRK FOURNIER As a teenager working for his father’s insurance agency, Dirk Fournier dreamed of providing a special agency experience. That’s why he founded Fournier Group, and that’s what inspires the Fournier Group team today. The agency provides risk management solutions to diverse people and businesses. Fournier Group’s goal: keep…


April Publisher’s Message

Years ago a joke made the rounds of how a Jewish man spotted a friend reading an Arabic newspaper and exclaimed, “Moshe, have you lost your mind?” Moshe replied, “Well, I used to read the Jewish papers, but what did I find? Jews being persecuted, Israel being attacked, Jews disappearing through assimilation, Jews living in poverty….

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